Tobago is a quiet tropical Caribbean paradise, where the sun caresses you and the green hills tumble to turquoise seas. Travellers come to Tobago to get away from it all and to relish the warm Caribbean climate and sea. Thought to be Daniel Defoe’s inspiration for his famous novel Robinson Crusoe, Tobago delights visitors with unspoiled beaches, beautiful waterfalls, ancient rainforest full of chattering birds and some of the best diving in the world.


Tropical. There is a dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to December. Annual rainfall is about 200cm over most of the country. Trinidad and Tobago is just south of the hurricane belt. The average temperature all year round is 27 degrees.


4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or 5 hours behind British Summer Time (BST)


115 volts/230 volts (+/-6%); 60hz, adapters are needed.


From Europe 001 (868) + seven (7) digit local number. There are discounted telephone services available, when calling Tobago from the UK e.g. Telediscount.eo.


Departure Tax: $100TT must be paid in local currency.


Trinidad & Tobago have been independent since 1962, but are still members of the Commonwealth. The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago is under a democratic multiparty government.


Trinidad & Tobago have a total – 1.3 million. (Tobago – approx. 53,000). The ethnic mix in Tobago is 93% African descent.


Latitude 11N, Longitude 60W Trinidad is 7 miles (11km) from Venezuela and Tobago lies 21 miles northeast of Trinidad. The Fish-shaped Island of Tobago measures 26 miles (42km) by 7 miles (10km) and has a total area of 116 square miles (300km2).


The official language is English, but the ‘language’ used in private conversations is ‘dialect’ – English roots, mixed up with words of all nations. But no worries, every Trinbagonian speaks English and you will find the charming accent one the easiest to understand.

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The twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago offers visitors the best of both worlds. This nation is bursting with a rich culture, stemming from a history of European colonialism, West African slavery and East Indian indentureship.

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