Little fishing village on the Caribbean coast of Tobago.

Castara is a dreamy little fishing village on the Caribbean coast of Tobago. It’s the perfect place to forget about your demanding life and just relax with the sun and sea. Castara has two beautiful bays – Big Bay and Little Bay (also known as Heavenly Bay). The Big Bay has lifeguards on duty every day of the week. The water at Little Bay is shallower, great for snorkelling and at calm seas, perfect for children to play and swim. At the other side of the village, there is a charming waterfall, reached by walking along the river-bed.

You will not find a lot of frenetic activity here, but there is always a chance to go on a trip  around the island, to fish, snorkel and sunbathe,or just to come back in the evening and enjoy soaking up the local culture and traditional ambience. Castara does have a few guesthouses, but it is still traditional, natural and unspoilt, and you will never find it over-crowded. There are few places to eat, so if you feel like cooking for yourself you can buy your groceries in the “city” of Scarborough, or at the supermarket on the way from the airport. Replenish your stock in the small local shops in the village.

Don’t miss out on the fresh fish that is sold at the fishermen’s co-op and the homemade bread at the clay oven twice per week – delicious!

Most of our time is spent maintaining the house/garden, reading, solving puzzles and exploring local restaurants. We own a rental apartment in Grenada, and love touring both islands with friends, family and guests.